Waking Up in Strange Places by Juliana Tan

Waking Up in Strange Places is a travel compendium about Singapore-based photographer, Juliana Tan’s adventure through 9 countries and 33 cities captured in 5 unique chapters of various formats. 

Familiar items such as a diary, postcards and paper planes inspired by her journey were translated into chapters of photographs and words. These chapters are bound together using magnets, allowing readers to re-arrange the chapters in any way they want where they get to design their own cover of choice. By using magnets as the medium of binding, it also allows more chapters to be added to the zine in the future. 

There is no fixed sequel in reading, readers get to decide on their own version of Juliana's journey based on their arrangements. This zine engages readers in things like tearing the postcards apart to use, flying the paper plane and removing the landscape photos from its chapter, as such mirroring Juliana traveling experiences.